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Wihuri Oy Technical Trade's e-shop sells products for corporate customers everywhere in Finland and adheres to the Technical Trade General Terms and Conditions in all of its operations.

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In e-commerce related matters, you can contact your own contact person, our customer service or send email to verkkokauppa@wihuri.fi:

Heaters and air conditioning
Phone 020 510 2327 | eberspacher@wihuri.fi

Finnklima Air Conditioning

Boat equipment

Phone 020 510 2397 | tyokalumyynti@wihuri.fi 

Garage Equipment
Phone 020 510 2397 | korjaamolaitemyynti@wihuri.fi

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You can get the webshop account login from your contact person, customer service or by sending an email to verkkokauppa@wihuri.fi.

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Products are ordered by adding items from the e-shop to the shopping cart and sending the order. The shopping cart displays all ordered items and their quantities, and it also provides the option of editing the contents of the shopping cart, such as changing the quantity of the products to be ordered or removing items before accepting the order.

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Customer-specific prices for the products are displayed with tax and without tax, including the current VAT. Delivery fees are not included in the prices. The seller reserves the right to adjust also the prices of items of which an agreement has already been made if there are changes in currency exchange rates, import levies or other charges, taxes or other public law charges not under the seller's or supplier's control. If there is a clear human error in the e-shop's product or price details, we reserve the right not to send the product with the erroneous information.

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Payment methods

The invoice will be issued after the products have been sent. The invoice is dated for the order's date of delivery or for the next day in accordance with the possible customer-specific invoicing frequency. The due date is calculated according to the agreed payment terms, and the invoice must be paid by the latest on the due date indicated on the invoice. The interest on late payments after the due date is 16%. We prefer using electronic invoices. By switching to electronic invoicing, you can process your invoices faster and also save on expenses. Archiving becomes more efficient and there are fewer errors. Electronic invoicing is also completely safe and it is suitable for companies of all sizes. Switching to electronic invoicing is easy, and it does not require your company to use an electronic invoice processing software. You can choose if you want the invoices to be delivered to your invoice processing software or as electronic invoices directly to your online bank. We transmit the electronic invoices through TeliaSonera Finland Oyj. To switch to electronic invoicing, first discuss with your bank or electronic invoicing operator about receiving electronic invoices. To switch to electronic invoicing, please send us the following information via e-mail to tkn.invoices@wihuri.fi:

  • Company's legal name and customer number
  • Business ID
  • Name of the operator used for receiving the electronic invoice (bank or electronic invoice operator)
  • EDI code or IBAN electronic invoice address
  • The name of your company's electronic invoicing contact person
You can get more information about electronic invoicing from your bank or electronic invoicing operators. For any questions regarding invoicing and for sending your electronic invoicing details, please contact tkn.invoices@wihuri.fi.

Instead of delivery, customer may choose to pick up the order from Vantaa, address is Manttaalitie 9, 01530 Vantaa. The pick-up desk is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Delivery methods and fees

The buyer pays the seller the agreed fee for the delivery services. The buyer receives the delivery at the agreed location.

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Returns and claim instructions

It is in everyone's interest to comply with Wihuri Technical Trade's return and claim instructions as it ensures that refund practices go smoothly. Compliance with the instructions enables flexible and efficient error settlement for our customers. When contacting our customer service about claim and return issues, the following details are important:

  • Your customer number
  • The number of the order's delivery note
  • Delivery date
  • Order number of the product
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